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Mission Statement

As a TechNet Professional Automotive Service center, we are committed to providing superior service to our customers and their vehicles. We stand behind everything we do with a Nationwide Warranty, supported by a network of independent repair shops across North America.

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Warranty Service

Your peace of mind is important to us. We are proud to be able offer our clients the Tech Net 24 Month, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty. What does this mean? If you experience a failure of a qualifying warranty repair that we have preformed, you will be covered.


You can travel with confidence as you will be able to visit any one of the over 35,000 Tech Net repair shops, to receive replacement of a failed part covered by this warranty.

The best part is that none of this comes at any charge to you.

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Roadside Assistance

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It's never fun to be stuck on the side of the road. Whether you have a flat tire, your battery is dead, or you've locked your keys in your car we have you covered with the Tech Net roadside assistance program.

How does it work? if you spend just 25$ with Camas Creek Auto, you will be able to take advantage of Tech Net's roadside assistance program at no additional cost. In case of emergency, you will be able to contact a service provider of your choice to get you back on the road. In addition, you will be able to receive up to $150 in reimbursement in a 365 day period. This service is available to you for 1 year after a purchase at Camas Creek Auto.

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